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As a child my Dad was my biggest influence with regards to what music I listened to. So for him he made sure I listened to Brook Benton, Dinah Washington, Art Tatum & Oscar Peterson. When I got older Mr C was my next musical influence as he’d discovered rare groove and he wanted me […]

In the last 6 years Mr C branched out to form Candy Mass a UK Soca Band for London Notting Carnival and in 2017 were voted No.1 Best Carnival Band at London Carnival which is growing bigger & better each year.

As a founder of ‘The Movements Family, Goldteeth (Trinidad) alongside General G created a timeless cultural fusion of their musicial influnces and are both internationally recognised. Movements Family have been part of the entertainment industry for over 20 years, representing its Caribbean heritage through all major platforms of entertainment. Movments Family are more than just […]

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