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A Jamaican native, born December 1, 1984 in the garden parish of St. Ann. Raised from a foundation of 80’s and 90’s inspiration that shaped the industry and paved the way for music as we know it.

A singer, songwriter, music producer, highly proficient pianist and keyboard synthesist, adaptive to most widely known genres.

A father, husband, a globe trotter. Mista Spicy has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from touring worldwide with popular Jamaican artistes like grammy award winning Dr. Jimmy Cliff, The Abyssinans, Etana, Mykal Rose of the Black Uhuru and many more. Travelling to distant places with different cultures, languages and timezones. From these experiences he shares openly, a legacy worth gold.




Originally from the parish of Manchester, born June 13, 1984.

In a town developed far beyond its time called Mandeville. Her father a Jun Shihan (6th degree black belt world Seido karate master) was the major influence and driving force in her achieving the title of Nidan (2nd degree black belt in world Seido karate) and gaining 1st place trophies in the international mixed martial arts tournament.

Sahara Aidan’s journey has been quite an eventful experience, maximizing her potentials and discovering new ones. Exploring her horizons landed her Team Jamaica’s award for outstanding presentation among many other accolades throughout her journey.

Although not a musician, her love for the arts has given her purpose and passion. Her desire to inspire has fuelled her aspirations of becoming a social worker. Her mantra, A little help makes a big difference.

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