DJ Punksta & Chels

DJ Punksta & Chels shows

Z-Generation LIVE

SATURDAY 10:00AM - 12:00PM AST

Born in 2007 & named Kristie Angel Brewster aka DJ Punksta is the seed of “the maddest DJ”, Jason-X and the granddaughter of active veteran DJ, Gems Production.

She began learning the tricks of the “ones & twos” at age eight and has only improved since. She likes listening to music of all genres but has a great love for the Reggae vibe.

Hanging out with friends & family and eating good food is definitely something she enjoys a lot also. DJ Punksta is on her way to becoming one of the most formidable female DJ’s in the industry.


Chelsea Crawford aka Chels is 14 years old & loves eating good food.

Her favourite thing to do is listening to music as it helps her concentrate while studying her school work.

Watching shows on Netflix & having a good nap is also of high priority… LOL…

She dreams of one day becoming a great DJ.

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