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DJ Taff started playing music at the age of 14 and became a professional 4 years later at the young age of 18. Now at the prime age of 24 DJ Taff hopes to bring communities together through music – not just in Jamaica but globally. His motto is “I am not a hero but […]

YAHsir Yosef is a man on a mission but not 1 of his own but that of the MOST HIGH. Appointed as a mouth piece of the GREAT I AM to impart clarity to misconception and aid in fulfilling the MOST HIGH will on earth.

Born in 2007 & named Kristie Angel Brewster aka DJ Punksta is the seed of “the maddest DJ”, Jason-X and the granddaughter of active veteran DJ, Gems Production. She began learning the tricks of the “ones & twos” at age eight and has only improved since. She likes listening to music of all genres but […]

Originally from Trinidad & Tobago, DJ Ghost grew up in and around the carnival culture; with family members who were wire benders, designers, and mas makers his love for the culture and soca music flourished. After migrating to the United States he became a member of the Sprang Int’l DJ family in the Washington, D.C. […]

DJ Robsound is a professional Haitian DJ with more than 5 years of experience. A music lover, musician, beat-maker and producer, having worked with artists such as Sebastien Pierre & Steve J Bryant. He has also participated in festivals in the carnival season and activities with musical groups. DJ Robsound resides in the Dominican Republic […]

Tina Penni Anne is a producer, vocal coach, vocalist & song writer. She has a triple distinction Diploma in Music and Technology and works with Third Ear Recordings.  ‘I love to vibe with great sounds’.

An entrepreneur by profession, but a Carnival Enthusiast and Ambassador at heart my initial passion of radio broadcasting and journalism, mixed with a great love for my carnival culture and soca artform embedded in me came to realization with the opportunity to host on iLive Caribbean. From standing on the sidelines of Dimanche Gras ushering […]

Being born of a Trinidadian Mother and Nigerian Father has given me an automatic love of music. From staying up late listening to radio and recording the mixes, I went on to DJ for a class party.  I’ve played music for carnival festivals locally and also Labor Day Carnival in New York & Miami Carnival.  […]

DJ Crank, Barbadian born Radio Personality of Crank CITY. Crank has won the Barbadian LVL 1st and two time winner of the competition in 2017. Crank the dj has also graced stages such as Reggae On The beach, Hennessy Artistry, also toured with Brands such as Mount Gay and Remy Martin Barbados. Crank the dj […]

Barry John also known by his entertainment name Selector Twis is presently, a disc jockey and radio host in the island of St. Lucia. Selector Twis has gained a wealth of knowledge in this field and has managed to foster and develop a strong listening fan base for the radio station. He attributes a considerable […]

As a child my Dad was my biggest influence with regards to what music I listened to. So for him he made sure I listened to Brook Benton, Dinah Washington, Art Tatum & Oscar Peterson. When I got older Mr C was my next musical influence as he’d discovered rare groove and he wanted me […]

In the last 6 years Mr C branched out to form Candy Mass a UK Soca Band for London Notting Carnival and in 2017 were voted No.1 Best Carnival Band at London Carnival which is growing bigger & better each year.

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